Helen - Peer Coach Supervision

Really safe, supportive and collaborative in style. Found some key actions/goals to work on through the collaborative process.

Helen, Parent Group Facilitator

Sam - Peer Coach Supervision

Helps me reflect to ensure the parents who attend get the most out of the programme, and improves my confidence.

Sam, Parent Group Facilitator

Leanne - Peer Coach Supervision

Alison's knowledge is vast and she has really helped me improve my own practice.

Leanne, Parent Group Facilitator

Ashleigh - Peer Coach Supervision

I find peer coaching extremely useful. Alison is very knowledgeable about the programme, understanding and approachable.

Ashleigh, Parent Group Facilitator

Video Interaction Guidance

When I started VIG I was lacking confidence as a mother and was unsure whether I was giving enough attention to my son. It was amazing to watch back the video of us playing and see all the little things that you just never notice are happening. I feel more attuned to my child and I now feel assured that I am doing a great job. VIG has given me and my son a new perspective on our relationship and we are closer than we were before. The help and guidance I received was invaluable. I would highly recommend VIG to anyone wanting to improve their confidence as a parent.

Emma, Parent